This is Very Large Deeply Carved Vintage Orange Bakelite brooch or pin. This carving and patina on this is fabulous!   It appears in many books on Vintage Bakelite.   It measures about 4" across and the pin clasp is the original inset and in great condition.  No damage.  It is Tested and Guaranteed Vintage Bakelite.  

Item #:BP-1900
Price: $50.00
This is a rare vintage bakelite scarf pin or brooch in excellent condition.  The pin attaches with a circle clip from the back and the front loops of the bow spring open on each side to hold a scarf in place.  This is the only one I have ever seen. It matches the BOW clamper bracelet.   It measures 3" across.  This is TESTED bakelite.

Item # BP-7500
Price: $125.00

This is gorgeous Butterscotch Bakelite carved rose brooch or pin with fabulous carved leaves at the ends.  This is stunning!   It measures about 3 3/4" wide and the pin clasp is orginal and in great condition.  It is a set-in clasp.  No damage of any kind. It is Tested and Guaranteed Vintage Bakelite.  

Item #BP-5000
Price: $85.00

This is a smaller Brooch or Pin in a creamed corn color of Bakelite.  It is a carved piece and matches many of the bangles.  It measures only 2" in width.  The hinge is inset and is nice and straight. It does need polishing but left a nice yellow stain when tested with Simichrome. GUARANTEED VINTAGE.   

Item #:BP-1199
Price: $ 35.00 

These are all wonderful pins from the Vintage Bakelite Era. They are tested and Guaranteed Vintage Bakelite. Please expect some wear or normal use from these items.   They have all been tested with 409, hot water or Simichrome polish.  
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 Gorgeous domed bakelite earrings in a rootbeer swirled design.  They measure about 1/2" across but are very thick.  The clasps are nice and tight and these are in excellent condition.

Item #BP-900
Price: $20.00

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