Vintage Rootbeer & White Rhinestone Bakelite Bangle
Vintage rootbeer bakelite bangle with white rhinestones set around the rims. This bangle has all of it's stones white and bright. No missing rhinestones! 2 1/2" ID.
The Rhinestones are all Brilliant with lots of Sparkle!

Item #HB-2354

Hard to find thermoset Clamper bangle in black in a gorgeous white rhinestones studded front with matching ring and brooch.  The bangle is 15/16” wide with 2”ID.  The hinge is tight and comes together evenly.  Excellent condition as are the 3 row white rhinestone studding size 6 ring and the brooch with white stones on each end.   It has a inset clasp and measures about 1 ½” in length.  This set is definitely number one.

Item #HB- 5686
Price: $175.00

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Very rare deep ruby red translucent bakelite bangle with brass decorations.  This reminds me of a fancy drumline. The bangle is very large and chunky measuring about 1  1/4” wide with 2 1/2”ID. It just glows.

Item #HB-2227
Price: $105.00